Friday, May 14, 2010

How do i keep my rose bush alive inside?

I live in TN %26amp; today it's actually 76 degrees but we have had some cold weather. My husband bought me a rose home from the grocery a week ago and i immediately put it in a vase along with the food packet that came with it. We were expecting cold weather at that time so i cut 3 branches from my outdoor rose bush %26amp; put them in the vase with the single rose. After about 3 or 4 days, i noticed new sprouts growing from the there are about 7 or 8! Yesterday, i changed the water in the vase %26amp; put a tablespoon of rose food in. During the day i move the plant near an area where there's sunlight. do i keep this plant growing inside all winter? Do i need to move it 2 a pot with potting soil?

How do i keep my rose bush alive inside?
if it has roots you can plant it outside and it will do its thing next season when you give it water again.

if it dont have roots yet then you can jsut wait and it may or may not root for you.

a better way to give it a chance of rooting (if it isnt already) is buy some rooting hormone and some rockwool cubes.

once it is outside though it WILL start every year freezing or not.

we moved into a house that had this stump in the yard and we didnt know what it was so i dumped a whole box of miracle grow on it and about 4-5 weeks later it turn to a HUGE rose bush from a stump.
Reply:wait until it gets more roots

then plant it in a terarium

large jars will work well for this
Reply:Congratulations! It is not always easy to root roses. Please do not be disappointed if they die along the way.

Normally you would not give them direct sunlight, but yours seems to be doing well.

After the roots have grown, you can put the plants into pots of soil. Keep them moist until you see leaf growth. At this time you can give the pot rose fertilizer at half strength. Read the directions on the rose fertilizer container.

You can plant them outside next spring when the weather is in the 70's at night. Be sure to shade them from afternoon sun with something such as a lawn chair until they are established. Keep them moist until you have good growth.

Once the roses are established, you can start a regular watering and fertilizing program during the summer months. Stop fertilizing around August 15th so the rose bushes can get ready for their winter sleep.
Reply:Yes. you need to bring in the pot with the soil. And take a cup full of water, add diissolvable aspirin and pour it into the soil.

Good luck.

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