Friday, November 18, 2011

For a girl Rose Juliet, Rose Florence, or Rose Celine?

Rose is a definite but not sure about middle. I want a name along the lines of the ones I already have. I don't want Peyton, Casey, Caidence, etc. Pretty, classic, not too common. With a good, strong meaning to go along with Rose. Thanx!

For a girl Rose Juliet, Rose Florence, or Rose Celine?
I like Rose Juliet. Rose Florence doesn't flow well and Rose Celine will turn out sounding like Rosaline (rhyming with 'pin'),

Rose Gabrielle/a

Rose Natalia

Rose Anastasia

Rose Juliana

Rose Amelia

Rose Brianna

Rose Clara

Rose Danielle

Rose Emmeline

Rose Jocelyn

Rose Irina

Rose Victoria

My favourites are Rose Gabrielle/a and Rose Natalia. I would steer clear of middle names starting with the letter S or the S sound, because it would get blended into one name with the already short-enough Rose. Hope I helped!
Reply:I don't really care for any of those as middle names for Rose. I can tolerate Rose Juliet, but Juliet Rose, in my opinion, sounds better. With Rose first the flow sounds off. It seems you really want her first name to be Rose though, and that's fine because it's an absolutely beautiful name. Of your three picks I like Rose Juliet most. The only suggestion coming to mind right now is Rose Airanna. I think it sounds really lovely, and the flow is nicer.
Reply:I agree with Capitula.. Rose as first name makes nice names sound off.. the flow is nicer if you put Rose in the middle sounds a lot better to the ear.. try it out to say the names and you will see what I mean. a shorter name should be the middle name and a longer name the first that sounds better and a name ending in ''A'' should come before one ending in ''E' such as Rose.. then it just sounds a lot more melodious xx

Rose is a nice name but gets common so I would call her Rossanna or Rosabella instead and Rose for short...

Rosanna Celina .. Rose is much better as a middle name if you add some zest to it and modernize this nice old fashioned name you can come up with a lot more wonderful middle names...xx

Rose is a classic but should be a middle name unless you add some spice to it.. such as saying Rosanna or Rosella , Rosalynne instead of just Rose..

for Rose as a middle name there a lots of nice names

Karissa Rose

Gabriella Rose

Arianna Rose

Julianna Rose

Juliet Rose

Felicia Rose

Alicia Rose

Isabella Rose (Izzy)

Daniella Rose

Diana Rose

Alexia Rose

Eleanna Rose

Catherine Rose Cathy for short or Katherine (katie for short)

Evaline Rose (Evie)

Maxine Rose (Maxie)

Charlotte Rose

Julietta Rose

Marietta Rose (Rietta for short or Marie)

Callianna Rose (Calli)

Yasmine Rose or Jessamine Rose

Lillia Rose or Lilianna Rose (Lily for short)

Reply:if your dead set on rose for a first name thats fine, but why not spin them around.....Celine rose, or juliet rose, i just think first names and middle names floe together easier if the middle name isnt longer the first, it may overpower the first name and sound weird.

and i dont know why other people are throwing in other names that you didnt even ask about, obviously you like that names you mentioned for a reason and thats why you didnt ask for them to come up with other ones.
Reply:Rose Savannah

Rose Simone

Rose Monique

Rose Celine

Rose Candice

Rose Alaine

Rose Natalie

Rose Juliet

Rose Amanda

Rose Adriana

Rose Arianna

Rose Tamara

Rose Leona

Rose Mariah

Rose Kathleen

Rose Tanya

Rose Joanna

Rose Alexandra

Rose Michelle

Rose Haylie

Rose Danielle

Rose Marianne

Rose Olivia

Rose Sophie(a)

Rose Therese

Rose Sandra

Rose Sydnie

Rose Marie

Rose Britney

Rose Hayden

Rose Camille(a)

Rose Alicia or Alice

Rose Harlow

Rose Shiloh

Rose Ashlee

Rose Angelina

Rose Nicole

Rose Denise

Rose Helen (He-lein)

Rose Cassandra

Rose Kimberly

Rose Noelle

Rose Catarina or Catrina

Rose Emilia

Rose Marley

Rose Sarah

Rose Sheryl

Rose Jessica

Rose Loraine

Rose Madeleine

Rose Jacqueline

Rose Gabrielle

Rose Cameron

Rose Alina

Rose Nadine

Rose Skye

Rose Shayne

Rose Rae

Rose Rayne

Rose Robyn

Rose Kiera

Rose Alexis

Reply:I'm applauding you at this very moment!!!!!

I LOVVVVVVVEEEEEEEEEEE Rose!! It's classy, elegant, EVERYONE can spell and prn. it! It's feminine and will age well. She can be very proud of her name!!

Rose Juliet is perfection!

I also like Rose Valentina, Rose Elisabeth, and Rose Annabelle
Reply:Rose Margaret

Rose Alexandra

Rose Abigail

Rose Camille

Rose Natalie

Rose Josephine
Reply:They're all pretty and Rose is a gorgeous first name. Rose Celine is probably my favourite of the 3.

Some random suggestions:

Rose Anais

Rose Anneliese

Rose Augusta

Rose Cecilia/Cecile

Rose Clementine

Rose Evangeline

Good luck!!
Reply:Rose Juliet doesnt sound good.

Rose Florence alittle old sounding.

Rose Celine, not that much better.

Rose is a good name but I dont like it with those middle names.

Rose Alexandra sounds nice.
Reply:Bridget Rose

Felicity Rose

Charity Rose

Rose Elaine

Rose Louise

Rose Elise

Rose Marie

Reply:Rose Delilah

Rose Arabella

Rose Kathleen

Rose Matilda

Rose Amelia

Rose Cassandra

Rose Helena

Reply:Rose Juliette

Rose Charlotte

Rose Isabelle
Reply:Rose Annabelle
Reply:Rose Danielle

Rose Michelle
Reply:Rose Celine is very pretty! :)
Reply:rose michella
Reply:Rose celine
Reply:Rose Juliet
Reply:Rose Marie
Reply:rose marie

rose lynn

rose juliet (very pretty)

rose ann

sorry cant think of any more... good luck
Reply:please not florence, the baby is not being born 80 years old
Reply:i like rose juliet

Brushing Teeth

Derrick Rose or Kirk Hinrich???

Who's better out of the two. I know you really can't compare college and nba, but I think rose would be a bigger upgrade. Kirk can't rebound for sh*t. I know kirk is a better shooter, but rose is a solid one. ROSE IS WAY BETTER. Tell me what you think.

Derrick Rose or Kirk Hinrich???
Rose is definitely the better player with a much better upside, I dont see Hinrich getting much better than he already is. Hinrich is a decent point guard but Rose has the potential to be great. Better leader, and definitely willing to take over a game at the end as we saw in the NCAA tournament. But I think the Bulls will take Beasley because they already have enough guards and really need an inside presence.
Reply:Rose definitely has the upside because he's young, mobile, and most all a bona fide scorer. However, Hinrich is your established prototypical point guard. With Hinrich, you know what you're getting: 15 points, 7 dimes, 3 %26amp; half boards, and a steal per game almost. I know Hinrich's been stuggling and has had somehwat of a slump of late, but if the Bulls were to pick Beasley #1. Then Hinrich's numbers would jump. Oh and last time I checked, point guards don't get that many rebounds.
Reply:Rose for sure. If the Bulls do take Rose though, I don't think Hinrich is the one out the door, I think it's Gordon. The Bulls just recently resigned Hinrich to another deal and when they tried to resign Gordon he refused. They obviously don't want to lose Gordon to FA so they'll trade him and try and get something in return.
Reply:The only way Chicago will do this is if they can work out a trade for Hinrich and get equal compensation in return for Kirk. Otherwise I doubt they'll draft another point guard.
Reply:Derrick Rose. Stronger and quicker. Rose isn't as a good a shooter, but can more others around him better.
Reply:Rose. He's a better all-around player and leader than Hinrich. Kirk can provide Rose competent backup, though
Reply:rose very soon

I rose from the Dead myself.?

What's this 'Jesus rose from the dead' schtick? Every single human being who ever lived and died has risen from the dead, in the sense that their soul departed the body and returned to the source, ascending through the etheric, astral and spiritual sheaths to be reincarnated if they still hadn't learnt the real spiritual lessons they needed to learn and decided not to abandon the false ego. Rising from the dead is something that goes on every second of the day all over the world! Isn't it just like the Pauline Christians to make a big deal of it? Like they also invented Love, did you know that? Yes, it's theirs. And the world. They created the world, too, or at least they have rights to the story of its making! (actually they should pay royalties to the Sumerians who wrote that little children's story, too). Why haven't they started charging for the air we breathe - StPeter's needs a new spire! I mean - they used to sell tickets out of hell, didn't they? Well, didn't they?

I rose from the Dead myself.?
well will you raise your own body or just your soul? Jesus rose the whole body.
Reply:Man, you have serious anger issues. Maybe the next time you can be reincarnated as a rock!
Reply:You make a lot of sense. I would give you wild sex for this.
Reply:I think you are right. See, the whole "worship Jesus" thing came long after Jesus walked the earth. It is the same as Buddha that is worshipped by some even though he made it clear no one should worship him, same thing with Jesus. Jesus said not to worship him but only god. Then some romans turned it all into a "make cash quick a scheme" from there it all went downward.
Reply:Here is my question: WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM!!?? I dont feel like reading the whole thing but you didnt exist until you were concieved! DUH!!! God made you and that is it you were never in another body!
Reply:Jesus came back to life. His Spirit came back into His body...and His body became glorified.

All you are trying to do is argue about something that you know nothing about.
Reply:that is a matter of belief. christians essentially believe that thats not true. your soul didnt exist. then it did. then you were born. viola'....ya its bullshit lol god bless the buddhists.
Reply:WOW how can you prove all that spiritual stuff?
Reply:Christ never died, he was actually an inflatable doll that was moved from city to city
Reply:That Would Be A Very Interesting Story That You Could Share On The Jerry Springer Show!!.....Call 1800-Jerry Springer Right Away, Because I Think You Need To Get That Story Out As Soon As Possible!!!
Reply:The Bible tells us that everyone is "destined to die once and then the judgement". If anyone remotely takes the bible seriously then they have to dismiss the false idea of reincarnation.
Reply:you are a lier, and you dont know any thing, stupid. ONLY JESUS ROSE FROM THE DEAD.he was %100 God and %100 man.
Reply:Too much esoteric knowledge is driving you to weird illusions.
Reply:I farted and it stinks!
Reply:Hey, if you believe in reincarnation, then do so.

Everyone has the constitution right to be wrong in what they think.
Reply:ok your a freak.... if i were u i would walk myself into oncoming traffic
Reply:The world is flat
Reply:Christians give all the glory to God.

What about wiccans who think they are their own Gods??? Like the power of God belongs to any man. Absolute power corrups absolutly.
Reply:you sound really angry about "religion". All I can say is that a belief in Christ cannot be based on people you know. Protestants left the Catholic church because of the incumberances or "tickets out of hell".

Jesus lives.
Reply:So...... what's your question?
Reply:O gosh....God is the only one who can do that

BTW, everyone thinks your a freak(including me) but God doesn't

A Rose by any other name would still smell as sweet as a Rose?

OK this old saying get to me would a rose smell as sweet if they were called Smelly Socks / shite in a bucket / dirty dog or puke would you really want to know what it smelt like

(so how would you know it smells as sweet as a rose)

A Rose by any other name would still smell as sweet as a Rose?
From Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, 1594: "...a rose by any other name would smell as sweet..."

It means that what matters is what something is, not what it is called. Maybe it will be clearer in context, if you can get through the flowery (no pun intended) language--


'Tis but thy name that is my enemy;

Thou art thyself, though not a Montague.

What's Montague? it is nor hand, nor foot,

Nor arm, nor face, nor any other part

Belonging to a man. O, be some other name!

What's in a name? that which we call a rose

By any other name would smell as sweet;

So Romeo would, were he not Romeo call'd,

Retain that dear perfection which he owes

Without that title. Romeo, doff thy name,

And for that name which is no part of thee

Take all myself.

Of course, this observation does not take into account how preconceived ideas can alter someone's perception of reality. A rose, if called Festering Monkey Pus, would objectively smell as sweet. However, the person taking a whiff is expecting something nasty, and would be inclined to think, "Well, it's not as bad as I was expecting, but I don't know if I really like it."
Reply:i get what your saying

if a new rose came out and in stead of it been referred to as a purple rose it was called Rotten Fish Heads

would i want to smell it


so how would i know it smelt like a rose

Floyd Rose on a Gibson Explorer?

I was at Guitar Center, and I saw the Dean from Hell and the Gibson Explorer. As you can see, the Dean had a Floyd Rose, and the Gibson didn't. I gotta say, the Gibson Explorer are one of my dream guitars, but it didn't have a Floyd Rose on it. Obviously, I picked the Gibson Explorer, and I was just wondering for Christmas, maybe I should order a Floyd Rose from Guitar Center and they could install it for me onto my Explorer? My friend says I shouldn't because the Gibson would lose it's value. I need your opinion guys, and I need the best opinions out there. Thank you very much!

Floyd Rose on a Gibson Explorer?
There's a reason that Gibson doesn't put a Trem bar on the Explorer. If I can editorialize for a moment, that's like putting foglights on a Rolls Royce Silver Cloud. It ain't needed; isn't warranted; and you're doing the designers and engineers a gross injustice. Unless you play surf music or plan on being the next Steve Vai, a whammy bar is just a novelty. At one point or another (usually early on), most players want a trem bar for the dive bomb effects and the like. Then they realize that not many songs have a call for them, and then the bar is just in the way. Why bastardize a classic? Trust your friend's opinion on this one; leave the Explorer alone. When you get past the apparent need for a whammy bar and down to playing real chops that are unadorned, you'll thank yourself for not screwing with the laws of the universe.
Reply:Lose its value? It would up its value because it has a Floyd Rose on it. Thats like saying taking out crappy pick ups and installing some EMGs would lower the value because its not origional
Reply:if it's your guitar and you enjoy playing it and want to customize it to YOUR specs, go for it. maybe the value will increase since explorers have a regular fixed bridge
Reply:I believe your friend is right. However if you plan on keeping the guitar, do what you like. Rose whammys DO stay in tune well but the percentage of people who use them is very low. Your style may change in a few years and once you alter the guitar, it can't be UN-done. I say get a cheaper guitar like the Dean which has one already %26amp; keep the Gibson unmodified. Good luck.

plants flowers

What is a rose without thorns? What is a life without troubles? (what do you think?!)?

*Rose From a Thorn*

Many hardships and sufferings occur

Everything beautiful is just a big blurr

Pain pierces from a sharp cutting thorn

And All you can do is cry and mourn

Trials devour you, and there is no end

You feel like you have not a friend

All you can think about is searing pain

Forgetting God's powerful healing name

God watches you go through severity

He wants us to see his blessings with clarity

Call to him and he will make a way

Through the pitch black darkness of today

Out of the thorn will bloom a red rose

All of its wonderous beauty will be exposed

Maturity and love will blossom and grow

God's perfect will and purpose you'll know

What is a beautiful rose without a thorn?

For it makes the rose's beauty reborn

What is a life without trials to endure?

It will create a thankful heart so pure

What is a rose without thorns? What is a life without troubles? (what do you think?!)?
NOW THAT'S WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT PEOPLE!! everyone who says read my poem always sucks at poetry nothing ryhmes and they talk about nothing, but yours is perfect!! very good i've been writing poems since i was 16 i love it!! now i'm 27.
Reply:life without trouble is lame and useless
Reply:The truth is that trouble in life makes one stronger so that when you supposably resurrect from the grave at christ's second coming, you won't ever fall into sin....I think
Reply:A rose without a thorn is a dead rose...a life without trouble is a dead body. True.
Reply:You can't appreciate the good without knowing the bad.
Reply:Reads like an epitaph.
Reply:Well explained !!! Lif is a delicate balance in fact. We have to live with all we love and dont love. OK! Agreed
Reply:First of all, nice poem. I actually forwarded it to a friend. Thank you.

Second, as they say, a little suffering is good for the soul. Without pain, you can't appreciate pleasure or the absence of pain. No pain, no gain. Okay, enough of the cliches. You get the picture.
Reply:What's a Snickers bar without the peanuts?

What's an Almond Joy without the coconut?

What's a Big Mac without the ground beef?

Life is just a series of questions...
Reply:Wow, thats amazing. I've written on this frequently but rarely such an eloquent way of putting the question.

It captures the quote i wrote not long ago perfectly in prose form;

"When there is no peril in the fight, there is no glory in the triumph".

This poem is as yet the highlight of my day.

Reply:This is a species of the rose that do not have thorns. Too long to read the rest.
Reply:Troubles in life makes u more experienced and if u cry seeing a storm u r a coward . Face the world .
Reply:It's a life where we are all ants marching to the same tune.
Reply:when you pray for rain, wear your boots, there will be mud:)!!
Reply:What you say is true. You can't appreciate fully the good unless you know the bad. We were not put here to have it easy. We were put here to learn the lessons that God would have us learn.

That is not a question! More of a statement!

Here you are on the Internet, I'll bet you have air conditioning, and you have plenty of food! You have a car, and a TV, maybe even cable. You should speak of hardships?

We all have hardships, but compared to the Majority of the word we have life easy! Get off you high horse. Damn I have a problem with people who are so wrapped up in themselves that they can't see the word!
Reply:Yes a rose is pretty but them thorns are ruff. This goes for life. Life is nice but, due to the fact that satan came into this world, it's tuff. So one day if we wait soon enough God will keep all the roses but take away the thorns.Case over with, Next.

Hi, this is my little rose tale-what do you think about it?

A big life of the little rose

a little rose so beautiful,

growing in a grass,

didn't know what to do.

tiny rose in a world so huge,

full of big strong flowers,

world not knowing of her too.

as time went on,

like it always does,

rose started gaining her splendour.

higher she was,

above the grass,

everyone wanted to own her.

she seemed to be fragile,

soft colour, soft leaves,

to get easy enough.

nobody knew,

nor even guessed,

she was truly in love.

one sunny afternoon,

a perfect day,

her love came to carry her home.

so glad she was,

didn’t resist,

when he was breaking her haulm.

large room filled with empty space,

narrow vase on the table,

little rose standing inside.

three days she stayed there,

watching her love,

after that – happily died.

Hi, this is my little rose tale-what do you think about it?
very good...poignant too!